Mission Statement

We are committed to going above and beyond the status quo and ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction; thus, making us the leading professional services provider in the nation of Africa and across the globe.

Vision Statement

To be the Leading Industry Expert in Project Management and Business Analysis practices in the nation of Africa and across the globe and to build a legacy that can be passed down from generation to generation.
To have world recognition on service excellence and to be known to possess proven expertise in all areas pertaining to process improvement, process automation and process re-engineering in all industries.
To be the all industry “First Choice” for best practices training, change management in areas of professional skills development, application development and organizational transformational projects.
To be the “go-to” source for the successful interpretation and implementation of all projects relating to Regulatory, Compliance, Cyber Security, Privacy, Anti-Money Laundering and Data Protection Services.
To be awarded “Best Employer of the Year” and deemed a “Great Place to Work” by our employees and industry critics the same.
To improve unemployment by providing jobs and increasing the skill set of the population in the nation of Africa.

Geographic Regions Covered

  • North America including Canada and US
  • United Kingdom
  • EU
  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Asia

Aliora extends its services globally. We continue to deliver Quality Solutions in the SADC region, East, West and North Africa.

Europe forms a major part of Alioras' focus and we are proud to have clients in a range of industries in this region.